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Jonathan Davis

So what is so pragmatistic about being Jonathan Davis?

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Jonathan rants...Rant number 3

Begin rant number 3 (you don’t have enough to do?)

Democrats...a couple of hints...

You're a lost puppy, everyone knows it, and you can't quite seem to figure out how to lose the funk of another lost election. PLEASE make sure your next candidate is a strong leader, and I'll go ahead and tell you, Hillary is NOT it. I have nothing against a female as president, however, I do have a problem with nominating someone specifically because they are female and you somehow think that makes you more "progressive".

Ideally, the candidate would have a strong lengthy military record (unlike a certain John Kerry). Why is this important you ask? Someone who chose the military life understands the importance of a strong military, but understands even more the cost of war. This person has sent people into war in Vietnam, Kuwait, or Iraq. He knows the lives he lost, and he knows the importance of accomplishing the task at the same time. We know that we can't turn a blind eye to the world and its problems, 9/11 taught us that all to well, but we can't keep slapping the world in the face either. OK, so why else military? The military, as screwed up as it seems right now, builds leaders. It brings out the worst, and the best in the person, and leaves them somewhere in the middle when it's all done. That kind of person is confident in their abilities, but humble enough to get help when their abilities fall short, and even more important, willing to get everyone to the table to make a decision (translate this as BI-PARTISANSHIP).

Oh yeah, one more thing…when they begin campaigning, stay out of their way…they’ve spent 20-30 years of their life motivating others, they don’t need the help of a lost puppy, in fact the lost puppy needs them.

Is this really to much to ask?

End rant number 3


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