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Jonathan Davis

So what is so pragmatistic about being Jonathan Davis?

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Jonathan rants...Rant number 1

OK, so I have to let a couple of things out...and let me warn you, if you are a "right wing nut job" or if you're "somewhere out in left field" you should probably stop reading now.

First, it does not go against my religious beliefs to say that Sue is absolutely right (wow, that's twice I've complimented her tonight.) I'm sick of these conservative freaks taking every action of the government as a direct attack on their religion. This country was founded on principles of religious and moral freedom. To say that the only book a person should be able to "swear to tell the truth" on is the Bible is bunk. (I can hear the hushed whispers already and smell the smoke as it rolls off the hot heads reading this.) But, I'm not going to argue the whole morality of what books is used, let's approach this from a more realistic (thus pragmatistic) standpoint.
If John Doe is a Muslim, and he is asked to swear in court on a Bible, that he will tell the whole truth, what difference does it really make to him if he lies? In his opinion, he might as well be swearing on the latest edition of Sports Illustrated. He has no respect for the Bible, and has no reason to respect his oath. By asking him to swear on the Quran, you're asking him to swear on the roots of his beliefs, something much deeper than the stack of paper his hand is resting on. It's not the paper the Bible or the Quran is printed on that makes it valuable; it's the belief of the "truth" that is contained in it.
End rant number 1


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